About The New Savvy, Our Vision & Team

The New Savvy is Asia’s leading financial, investments and career platform focusing on women. We deliver high-quality, unbiased content through education, media and conferences. We aim to provide smart, modern and independent women meaningful conversations that are relevant, practical and interesting.

Our vision? Empower 100 million women to achieve financial happiness.

Women have different needs from men and can benefit from unique financial advice. 41% of women are intimidated by finance and do not invest. Information available can be complex, technical and often, exasperating. We simplify the process to save you time and efforts, by providing dedicated insights that are fast, fun and easy to understand.

The New Savvy advocates greater awareness and healthier financial habits to women.

Company’s Philosophy


Accessible & affordable financial education for every female.


Change lives by helping people achieve their financial goals. Empower people to live the lives they desire & provide for their loved ones.


Produce high-quality, unbiased educational content. Have the heart & commitment to serve. Build on principles and integrity.