Our Story

“How do we make women more active in managing their finances?”

This is a question The New Savvy team obsess about constantly. From a high-growth media site, small meetups, a female only personal finance conference…. Our aim to equip women with better financial knowledge and tools to achieve greater financial happiness.

After The New Savvy was hacked in 2017, Anna enrolled in a full-time web development bootcamp at AlphaCamp. She wanted to improve her technical knowledge and build a personal finance tool that changes behaviours.

Together with Raeger Tay (Lead Developer), Gloria Soh (CSS Princess) and Joelle Ng (Project Manager), the team conceptualised ‘I Am Savvy’ - a financial planning tool that helps women to set financial goals, understand their risk assessment and manage budget and expenses.

Driven by the conviction to build a tool that alters mindsets, the team continuously push the boundaries of their coding skills. What started as a final capstone project developed into a fixation for the 4 team members. They wanted to develop an intuitive personal finance app that is fun, beautiful and accessible to women all over the world.

Raeger is persistent in adding new useful features, fixing bugs and mulling over technical difficulties. He believes that every problem can be solved; his quest is to find the most elegant solution. You can find the usually cheerful Gloria frowning over her laptop and fretting over the usability and aesthetics of the app. She regularly asks, “How do I make the user experience better?”. With 15 years of experience, Joelle refocuses the team on the Why’s and How’s. Joelle’s favourite line is, “Why do we need this? How is this useful/different?” - while frustrating at times, she forces the team to be better.

We hope that ‘I Am Savvy’ will help you along your financial journey. We want you to love what we have built hence, we are constantly working on bettering it. Try it and let us know how you feel. Your feedback will help us to improve!